Complete Auto Appearance Detail Package

A complete auto appearance detail package is a complete reconditioning and restoration of the exterior, full interior treatment, and engine bay service.  It is a complete bumper to bumper service designed to rejuvenate the finish and appearance of your vehicle.  This service will bring your car back to showroom condition.  The package includes the following services:

  • - Exterior hand wash
  • - Engine bay washed, degreased and dressed
  • - Detailing clay is hand rubbed on exterior surfaces to remove embedded      
  •   contaminants
  • - Door jams are thoroughly cleaned
  • - Wheels are cleaned to remove brake dust and road debris
  • - Tires are cleaned and dressed
  • - Wheel wells are cleaned and dressed
  • - High speed machine compounding and polishing process used to remove light
  •   scratches, swirls, light etching and minor water spots to provide an
  •   unbelievable glossy finish*
  • - Carpet and upholstrey are brushed and vacuumed thoroughly
  • - Leather surfaces are cleaned and conditioned using Lexol products
  • - All hard surfaces are cleaned with mild soap and water and treated
  • - The dash, console, and gauges are carefully cleaned and protected with the
  •   apporpriate products based on material and textures
  • - Trunk is vacuumed and cleaned
  • - Plastic, rubber, and vinyl is cleaned and protected
  • - All glass surfaces are cleaned inside and out

                              Starting at $199.95

  -  Service takes approximetly 5 hours
  -  Some vehicles may require more time depending on condition of vehicle

* Some defects may be too severe to be removed