Complete Auto Appearance Detail Package:
Hand car wash                                     Interior Vacuum           
Tar removal                                          Carpet Cleaning
Road Contaminate Removal                Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
Engine Degrease                                 Vinyl Cleaning and Conditioning
Wheels Cleaned                                  Rubber and Plastic Cleaning
Tires Dressed                                      Upholstery Cleaning
Door Jams Cleaned                             Vent Cleaning
Paint Restoration & Conditioning         Exterior Rubber Cleaning
Clear Coat Polish                                 Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning
Exterior Wax                                        Trunk Cleaning
Cars, Mid-Size Trucks & SUV's  $199.95*         
Full Size Trucks & SUV's   $219.95*

Interior Detail:
Vinyl/Rubber Cleaning & Conditioning        Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning
Interior Vacuum                                          All Compartments Cleaned
Carpet Cleaning                                         Upholstery Cleaning
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning            Vent Cleaning
Door Jams Cleaned                                   Trunk Cleaning
Cars, Mid-Size Trucks & SUV's  $129.95*             
Full Size Trucks & SUV's   $149.95*


Exterior Detail:
Hand Car Wash                                     Paint Restoration & Conditioning
Interior Vacuum                                      Clear Coat Polish
Tar removal                                            Exterior Wax    
Road Contaminant Removal                 Tires Dressed   
Wheels Cleaned                                    Exterior Rubber Cleaning
Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning         Wheel Well Cleaning    
Cars, Trucks & Mid-Size SUV's   $129.95*         
Full Size Trucks & SUV's   $149.95*

***Pick-up and Drop-off Service Available***

*Plus Materials and Tax

Complete Auto Appearance Packages
require approx. 5 hours of work
time to complete.

Appointment recommended
but not always necessary.

Car Washes

Exterior 100% Hand Wash and Dry-------------  $14.95 
Full Service Exterior 100% Hand Car Wash----  $26.95
Complete Mini-Detail------------------------  $38.95   
    *Add Meguiar’s Quik Detailer spray wax--  $10.00                                   

Exterior Services

    Tar/Sap Removal--------------------  $35.00 and up
    Overspray Removal------------------  By Estimate
    Scratch/Scuff removal--------------  $35.00 and up
    Complete Hand Wax------------------  $39.95 and up
    Swirl Removal----------------------  By Estimate
    Engine Degreasing------------------  $39.95
    Exterior Rubber Dressing-----------  $19.95
    Wheel Degreasing and Cleaning------  $19.95
    Exterior Paint
Touch-up------------  $19.95 and up

    Headlight Restoration--------------  $119.95

Interior Services
    Carpet Cleaning--------------------  $25.00 and up
Shampoo-----------------  $35.00
      Leather Cleaning and Conditioning--  $35.00
      Vinyl/Rubber Cleaning&Conditioning-  $35.00
      Spot/Stain Cleaning----------------  By Estimate

Other Services

    Paintless Dent Repair-------------   $89.95 and up
    Window Chip Repair----------------   By Estimate
    Carpet Dyeing---------------------   By Estimate
    Decal/Sticker Removal-------------   By Estimate
    Ink Removal-----------------------   By Estimate
    Minor paint/body repair&Airbrushing  By Estimate
    Rim repair/repainting-------------   By Estimate
    Tire Plugging---------------------   $14.95

*Pick-up and Drop-off available for all services
*Prices subject to change without notice

Wash services done
while you wait.

Add services to any wash for a
custom detail that fits your vehicles needs.

Feel free to call with any questions